"Dealing with Life" from Second Act Troupe - Three Comic One-Act Plays in Wimberley
Kate Conroy & Kim Suarez in "Hello Ma"!
Photo © Jim Gillock

Returning to Wimberley, Second Act Troupe presents "Dealing with Life" featuring three comic one act plays.

The production will be staged on the newly upgraded stage in the Fellowship Hall of the United Methodist Church on Co Rd 1492.

Performances are at 7.30 pm Friday & Saturday April 9 & 10. For reservations with preferred seating call (512) 618-3355 anytime or buy the $12 tickets at the door.

In Technical Tsunami Stanley (Dan LaFleur) and Martha (Diane Hruska) are technologically challenged when it comes to dealing with the latest communication tools - and it shows, especially with Stanley, who just doesn't want to know. Their hip grandson Alex (Jason Foreman) has it all - cellphone, Ipod, Blackberry, GPS and talks in a different and strange language. Cultures clash but Martha is determined to get herself and Stanley up to speed so that they can communicate with Alex.

In Hello Ma! Dee (Kim Suarez) has problems with two men in her life. They both want to marry her but which should she choose? As always Ma (Kate Conroy) is expected to have all the answers to life's problems when Dee calls her on the phone, and she does call her - whenever she has a problem! The tables are turned when Ma announces an unexpected change in her own life that leaves Dee astounded.

In the hilarious piece Riverview, Tape 23 Kathy (Sandy Zellers) is a writer for Home Life Weekly and frequently visits the Riverview nursing home to interview residents for an article on what life was like in the "good old days". From her wheelchair the feisty Lydia (Maggie Goodman) pulls no punches and, using her own life experiences, tells Kathy what it was really like in the old days. Lydia then becomes the interviewer and questions Kathy about her personal life. She berates Kathy for allowing her husband to walk away from their marriage. The two finally become unexpected allies against Nurse Talbot (John Daws) resulting in a dramatic but very funny ending to the piece.