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Second Act Troupe Presents Five Short Plays in Wimberley, Texas Featuring Ellen Massey, Sandy Zellers, Carla Daws, Maggie Goodman and Amanda Troxell
Performances at the United Methodist Church on County Road 1492 in Wimberley at 8 PM on November 21st and 22nd, 2008.


The latest production by the Second Act Troupe features five delightful short plays featuring comedy and drama with some very surprising endings performed with just two deck chairs as stage props - and if only they could talk!

Deckchairs actors (back) Ellen Massey & Sandy Zellers (front) Carla Daws, Maggie Goodman and Amanda Troxell
This production of "Deckchairs" by Jean McConnell features five of the ladies of the Company in stellar performances with each playing roles in two of the plays with a different partner.  

In Grannies Jenny (Amanda Troxell) and Barbara (Maggie Goodman) are each minding babies but which is the real grandmother?

In Shoppers Rosemary (Ellen Massey) and Angela (Sandy Zellers) have unusual yet very profitable trips to the shops every Friday. What are they up to?

In Early Blight June (Carla Daws) is devastated when she discovers that her mother, Helen, (Maggie Goodman) intercepted and hid a series of love letters written to her 40 years ago.

In Late Frost a shocking truth emerges as Kate (Sandy Zellers) is trying to help her best friend Pamela (Carla Daws) overcome the grief caused by the death of her husband.

In Doggies it's class warfare and Thelma (Ellen Massey) and Eleanor (Amanda Troxell)  are using their dogs as their weapons. The war of words becomes the real thing as the dogs are urged on by their owners.

This production will certainly fulfill the Second Act Troupe's goal of entertaining and stimulating audiences.

Performances are at the United Methodist Church on County Road 1492 in Wimberley at 8 PM on November 21st and 22nd, 2008. For reservations with preferred seating or information please call 512-618-3355.


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