Abandoned Pets on the Increase in Wimberley
Blitzen and Buddy are just two of the extra-nice pets waiting for homes at ARF.

Wimberley is experiencing the sad situation that is occurring now all over the country. Recently there have been many family dogs and cats left behind when people move, most likely because of financial hardship.

Since ARF was founded over 11 years ago there have been instances where pets were left behind, but not in the numbers we are now seeing.

Just a couple months ago a family moved and left approximately seven cats, three of which were housecats.  These cats were not discovered outside and hungry for about two weeks after the family moved. I personally went to the home (which is on the market for sale) and started feeding the cats every morning and now have brought these three to our little cat shelter and they are young, healthy, and would love a permanent home. All three are well-behaved and house-trained and very affectionate.

ARF has many young dogs now in foster homes, and our small cat shelter is completely full of young cats, and a few older, all of which are very affectionate and also well-behaved. We also have several living outside as ARF is now a sanctuary for them. These cats can be adopted by someone who can care for an outside cat, but all would come in if they could and we recommend that whenever possible.

ARF needs donations to help with extensive veterinarian bills and efforts to help the community folks experiencing financial hardship to get their pets spayed and neutered.

Arf has also established a fund for building a shelter here in Wimberley. The plans are ready for this and we are actively looking for someone to donate or lease a couple of acres to ARF. This would preferably be located just outside the city limit, such as the Wayside Drive area.

Please contact the ARF hotline at 847-2878 for adoptions, lost or found reports, and information on low-cost spay neuters.

And thank you to our wonderful community for all the support and financial help given over the years.