Wimberley's Incredible, Indelible Summer, the Bright Side: Beyond Coping with the Heat
Relaxing in a hammock at Mt. Gainor Inn

Now it's time to enjoy Wimberley's wonderful September weather.

After the summer of 2006 with triple digit temperatures every single day, a drought that threatens to remove the beautiful Blanco River in places, the landscape morphing into a brownscape...

Where is the bright side?

What to see, do, and enjoy to welcome September in Wimberley.

Wimberley is finally getting a break from the relentless heat. But oldtimers expect sporadic reminders of summer in the form of brief spells of uncomfortably warm weather until true fall arrives. Fortunately, Central Texans are resilient and know how to indulge in creative coping techniques.

When it's hot, hot, hot, super casual dressing is more than ever the rule of thumb. Cool shorts and shirts, bare feet or flipflops, always welcome in Wimberley, are now a fashion statement. And if ever there was a time to go for that special hat! Check out Wimberley Market Days for ideas...

Everything outside is just a lot more fun now that the last few weeks have produced virtually no mosquitoes, those omnipresent little buzzers who do so enjoy our Texas summer. In fact, the whole insect population appears to have adapted to leave us largely alone for a while. Time outside enjoying natural wonders isn't as often shared with previously common mini hitch hikers, leaving skin non-itchy, non-scratchy, and non-bitten.

Sage is at home in hot, dry weather... plant and enjoy watching the butterflies!
Lawn and garden work has been reduced to nearly zero. Homeowners who have employed xeriscaping techniques have already minimized effort in maintaining plants that are hardy enough to withstand this 50-year record drought. Bunching together plants that have similar watering needs, especially indigenous heat-hardy plants that are not merely Houston transplants from semi-tropical lawns, is an easy way to spend fewer hours worrying about nursing growing things through this period and more hours enjoying what Wimberley has to offer. More about how to do this...

And what does Wimberley offer in all weather? The answers lie in a few of the reasons people come to visit and a few even stay to live in Wimberley. These go far beyond the inconvenience of a little heat.

This is good weather for:

Making music, creating art. It's a fine time to grab a guitar, find a keyboard, a paintbrush, a potters wheel to ply your art. Inspiration abounds in the blue, blue skies, the rolling hills, the variety of little birds singing from so many places, and a general sense of peace. Or select art already created by masters to enjoy for a lifetime, produced by reknown artists who work from Wimberley studios. Click here to find an artist.

Skygazing. The Wimberley sky offers optimal viewing conditions. With very few clouds, the late summer meteor shower (the Perseids) and the amazing view laid out above Wimberley deck loungers makes for clear skywatching, far from the city lights. More about the Wimberley Sky...

Shopping in comfort in Wimberley
Shopping in Wimberley, where shops like Rancho Deluxe and the Broken Arrow Rock Shop are unique, cool and comfortable. You won't believe some of the great things you'll find, and the shopkeepers are so very helpful and friendly. And for something completely different, check out the fresh olive oil and more at Bella Vista Ranch. Click here for the Guide to Wimberley Shopping.

Meeting friends for lunch or dinner at one of Wimberley's many choices of restaurants. None are ever exactly like those you find in other places. Try Juan Henry's for Mex-Tex and American cuisine...the very name tells you you're bound to find exactly what you're hankering for at this popular eatery. Click here to choose from the Wimberley Food Guide.

Spending a few days at a comfortable lodging or Bed and Breakfast sitting in a pool or rocking on the porch. Pick one or try a few. There are so many, from rustic to luxurious, from which to choose. The Wimberley Lodging Guide is here.

Seeing the stars under the stars at the Corral Theatre with a cool breeze and night sky. This everyone should do at least once, and now the movies are all first-run. More about this...

Take a peek at all the great places to have a wedding, reunion, or gathering in Wimberley!
Planning the perfect reunion, corporate meeting, wedding. Wimberley is a popular place for events because of the variety of locations available.

From the Red Corral Ranch to the VFW Hall and Rodeo Grounds, you'll find exactly the right place for the event of a lifetime right here in the Wimberley area. Check out this list of events facilities.

Been there, done that, living here? This weather presents an wide-open window for optimizing sustainable options like free solar powered energy, installing alternative water catchment systems, and applying insulation treatments that will cut costs and increase comfort in your full time home. Hey, that's not work! That's opportunity! Find everything for your Hill Country Home here...

After spending happy, relaxing days refreshing the spirit and improving quality of life, there's a spectacular reward at the end of the road. Fall begins in just a few weeks, and anyone who's visited or lived here during that magical time will agree...Wimberley is definitely the place to be for great fall weather. Not too cold, not too hot... but just right.


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