Wimberley Community Chorus Presents Spring Concert Featuring "The Classics"
The Wimberley Community Chorus will appear in concert on Friday and Saturday evenings at 7 PM, April 17th and 18th, 2009, and on Sunday, the 19th, at 3 PM at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church.
The Wimberley Community Chorus in Rehearsal

The Wimberley Community Chorus is a local volunteer choral group organized almost three decades ago by Mary Guemple. In 2009 they been hard at work since early January learning some very challenging music. The name of this spring's program is "The Classics" and includes music from Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, and others in the classical genre.

It has been many years since the community chorus has attempted such music, but with the revival of interest in classical music throughout this country, the feeling among the singers was, "...it's about time, let's go for it."

There have been many guest directors since Mary Guemple retired, including Ellen Digiosia, Jean Wood, Sidney Thompson, Tom and Penny Gabrielsen, Bruce Billingsley, Elizabeth Hodges, V. J. Lawrence, Dan Stephens, Cina Crisara, and Cloys Webb.

Anne Jones is returning for her eighth season directing the chorus. Jones holds a bachelor's degree in Music Education from The University of Texas at Austin with a minor in vocal performance and choral conducting, and is currently Minister of Music at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Wimberley and a teacher of music at St. Stephen's School.

Bruce Billingsley is also returning as the accompanist. Bruce is a retired English professor who has been a performing pianist from a very early age, a singer, and choral director since he was in his teens. He has directed several Wimberley Community Chorus concerts in past years.

All involved these past several months agree that this spring's concerts should not only be unlike previous ones but beautiful and very special as well. There are more than 80 members in the community chorus with 40 members singing in these concerts.

John Bowman, Wimberley Community Chorus president, says that "...to hear some really interesting, magnificent classical music," you won't want to miss these concerts.

All concerts are free, although donations are very much appreciated. All concerts are open to the public.