Stars Under the Stars, The Corral Theatre in Wimberley, Texas
First run movies under the star-filled Wimberley sky.
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The Corral Theatre in Wimberley, Texas

From Memorial Day until Labor Day, one of Wimberley's most popular and unique experiences is grabbing a lawn chair or two, jumping into the car with friends and family, and decamping at the camp...Rocky River Ranch, that is. Stopping off only for popcorn and cool drinks, happy movie-goers then find a place for the lawn chair (or use one of those provided, if they came early enough) and settle down for a good movie and a memorable experience.

How did little Wimberley, Texas get so lucky?

In the late 1940s, the two Avey brothers, Wimberley twins, built The Corral Theatre in downtown Wimberley. A stockade built of cedar saplings, it was located where The Lumberyard now stands, and served not only as a theatre, but as a meeting place for the community.

When the Clietts bought the property in 1966 to build a lumberyard, Mrs. Carol Knolk, the first owner of Rocky River Ranch, moved The Corral Theatre lock, stock and barrel to its present location at the corner of Flite Acres and Old Kyle Road. The cedar saplings were replaced with sawn cedar fencing, but the same 1926 carbon arc projectors continued to roll film in the original projection booth to the same enthusiastic crowds.

A few changes have been made since then. Mary Anderson has owned the ranch and theatre since the early seventies. She's replaced the screen with a wider one, added new lenses with an expanded projection area and replaced the projector. She still works hard to get the best movies out there so that Wimberley audiences can enjoy them in this one-of-a-kind setting.

But some people may think the movies are secondary, once they feel the same gentle breeze off the river and the legendary starry Wimberley sky that makes time travelers of the lucky folks who go to the Corral.