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Astronaut Farmer at the Corral Theatre to Help Grow Funds for Wimberley's Blue Hole
The Corral Theatre  is showing a first-run movie to benefit the Blue Hole, in Wimberley, Texas.
If we don't have our dreams, we have nothing." Those who have worked for years on the Blue Hole project would agree with the Astronaut Farmer.

The Astronaut Farmer, a charming, inspirational film, will be showing at the Corral Theatre with proceeds to benefit Wimberley's Blue Hole. Tickets are $4 per person, and those under 4 or over 85 get in free! Refreshments are available at the concession stand. Come early and sit in the available chairs or bleachers, or bring your own lawn chair

The movie starts at "dark-thirty" on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, May 18, 19, and 20  (2007), and since this is still early in the season, that time will be earlier than don't want to be late!

The vision of Blue Hole supporters is to create an ecologically and economically sustainable regional park which considers environmental and recreational needs and the character of the Wimberley Valley while inviting people to experience, respect, and enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of the Texas hill country. The mission? To protect, restore, and develop Blue Hole Regional Park as a recreational, educational, and ecological resource for present and future generations.

Enjoying a movie outside at the Corral Theatre is a unique Wimberley tradition, although Mary Anderson, the owner, is often besieged by those from other places who would like to emulate the experience in another location. The fact is, the success is the result of a special combination... Wimberley, Mary, the movies, the movie-goers.

Tickets, popcorn, drinks & a great time, Wimberley-style.
Since the Corral is open only from Memorial Day until Labor Day, this is a rare opportunity to grab a lawn chair or two, jump into the car with friends and family, and settle down to enjoy a movie in a unique environment and perfect weather.

Stop off only for popcorn and cool drinks, then find a place for the lawn chair (or use one of those provided, if you came early enough) and settle down for a good movie and a memorable experience.

The Corral Theater is located just off Ranch Road 3237 on Flite Acres Road.  There's seating on benches and metal chairs or feel free to bring your own folding chairs. Cold drinks and hot popcorn will be available. Come early to avoid the rush.


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