Wimberley Valley Watershed Association Purchases Jacob's Well - Spring to Become Jacob's Well Natural Area
This is an archived article. Enjoy reading about Jacobís Well, please take note that major changes have taken place since 2013. Current information can be found here.

Great news for the Wimberley area and all of Central Texas!
Jacob's Well, A Natural Wonder in Wimberley

The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association (WVWA) has purchased Jacob's Well, one of the outstanding natural springs in the Texas Hill Country and entire nation. The WVWA in unifying the properties around the spring has christened it the Jacob's Well Natural Area.  Jacob's Well is believed to be the longest underwater cave in Texas and the primary source of water to the Cypress Creek which flows downstream through the city of Woodcreek and Wimberley, through the famous Blue Hole swimming area and into the Blanco River.

"This is the first time since the 1800s that Jacob's Well and the surrounding properties has been united in one single ownership," Dr. Patrick Cox said, President of the WVWA. "If water is the very life blood of our community then Jacob's Well is the heart of this entire region," Dr. Cox said.  The WVWA will begin working immediately to restore and protect  the site. "Jacob's Well Natural Area will be utilized for research and environmental education and to serve as a model for how to protect environmentally sensitive areas in the Edwards Aquifer Region," Dr. Cox said.

"The WVWA appreciates the help of the members of our organization, our local partners and the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance members who have helped us accomplish this acquisition,"  Dr. Cox stated.

The land acquisition is a result of a multi-year effort by the WVWA to protect and consolidate dozens of parcels previous owned privately. Now the unified fifty-acre parcel know as the Jacob's Well Natural Area will be managed and restored as a nature preserve by the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association.  

In order to purchase the land, the WVWA obtained a $2 million loan from a private, conservation-minded lender to purchase the properties. Within the next two years the goal of the WVWA is to repay the loan and raise additional funds for the management and restoration of Jacob's Well Natural Area. The total current appraised value of WVWA's land is over $3 million.

Jacob's Well is a karst spring very similar to Barton Springs or San Marcos Springs and is a perfect place to study and research the health of the aquifer. The WVWA has already established a water quality monitoring station managed by the United States Geological Survey at the spring to study the water quality and quantity of the aquifer. Realtime water quality data from Jacob's Well can be viewed on the web; click here to view it at USGS.

To make a financial contribution to help save Jacob's Well Spring click here to contact Wimberley Valley Watershed Association or call WVWA at 512-847-1582. To send a tax-deductible contribution directly to WVWA, mail to WVWA P.O. Box 2534, Wimberley, Tx. 78676.