Jacob's Well Fall Festival in Wimberley Includes Fun, Information, and Music.
This is an archived article. Enjoy reading about Jacobís Well, please take note that major changes have taken place since 2013. Current information can be found here.

Date: September 17, 2011
Time: 4 PM - 8 PM


4:00 PM - 5:30 PM - Educational Activities by both Jacob's Well volunteers and local organizations
5:30 PM - Ceremony
Speakers from the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association, Hays County, The Nature Conservancy, The River Systems Institute Blessing by Dr Garza, Indigenous Cultures Institute Rain Dance led by Jacob's Well Elementary
6:00 PM - Music with Hal Ketchum and Mile Bond and the Sun-Dried Texans

Location: The Jacob's Well Natural Area, Wimberley, Texas.
Parking is at the VFW lot on Jacob's Well Road just off of Ranch Road 12, with a shuttle to the site
There is NO parking at the preserve.

Tickets: $3 Kids 13 and under, $5 Adults
Free: Friends of the Well Members and Bicycle Riders

This is a waste-free event. Please bring your own cups or water bottles. Reusable cups will be available for purchase.
Bicycle Riders and Friends of Jacob's Well have free admission.
Water Costumes are encouraged. Prizes for the best!

Food: For purchase, provided by Boy Scouts Sacred Springs Boy Scout District. Vegetarian options available
Beverages: For purchase, provided by the Friends of the Well
Raffle: Water Saving Devices
Swimming: Swimming will be allowed, but limits on the count will be at the discretion of lifeguard
Not Allowed: Dogs, Coolers, or Smoking

About the Event

The Jacob's Well Fall Festival is a celebration of the historic Trinity Aquifer spring known as Jacob's Well. Hays County is now the owner of 81 acres of the Jacob's Well Natural Area (JWNA) and responsible for the long-term stewardship of the site.

The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association has done an outstanding job over the past decade of assembling the preserve lands and continues to work on programs to keep the water in Cypress Creek clean, clear and flowing. The WVWA manages the protected lands and the environmental education, scientific research, and community outreach programs offered at JWNA.

The Nature Conservancy, WVWA, and the River Systems Institute will work with Hays County and local stakeholders to create a site master plan to sustain this special place for the people of Hays County and future generations.

For the first few hours, the volunteers of Jacob's Well will be presenting the best of what they do - educating the public about water conservation with games and activities. Visitors will hear Mother Nature telling stories under the trees, meet scuba divers, rescued bats from Bat Conservation International, and learn what their water footprint is. A water footprint is a measure of how much water an individual consumes.

Meet some of the wildlife that graces our preserve. Gardeners and ranchers will have the opportunity to learn the high value of native plants and grasses. There will be a raffle of low-flow water saving devices, and prizes for the Nature Scavenger Hunt. Water-inspired costumes are highly encouraged and the best of these will be rewarded.

At 5:30 there will be a welcoming ceremony with addresses by representatives from the Hays County Commissioner's Court, the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association, The Nature Conservancy, and the River Systems Institute. This will be followed by a community Rain Dance, led by students from our namesake school, Jacob's Well Elementary, and a prayer of thanks to the Springs for its blessing on human-kind by Dr. Mario Garza. Dr Garza is the chair of the Board of Directors of the Indigenous Cultures Institute out of San Marcos.

The evening will end with 2 hours of music from the Hal Ketchum and Mike Bond and The Sun-Dried Texans. Ketchum, who now lives in Wimberley, has distinguished himself as a hitmaker with 15 Top 10 singles and five million albums sold, known for his vibrant talent and natural soulfulness.

Parking will be at the VFW site on Jacob's Well Road, with a shuttle running to the drive on the new property. Visitors can buy tickets at the entrance, and if they chose to become a member at $35, entrance is free. Tickets will also be sold in advance at Brookshire Brothers in Wimberley. Bike riders are also free.

Both sausage and vegetarian wraps will be provided by the Boy Scout Troop 127 of the Sacred Springs District.

We are excited about the event and hope that it will inspire the community to be good stewards of this vital part of our natural heritage.


Educational Activities

  • The Jacob's Well Scuba Team: Meet the divers who have plumbed the depths of the spring and hear their stories
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt: Hunt with prizes for winners. Join a team and follow the clues to solve the puzzle
  • Eco Art/Art from the Heart: This is an afterschool art program that provides Wimberley schools with art experiences
  • Find your Water Footprint: Calculate personal water use and Hidden Costs of Water. Discover the water costs in everyday items.
  • How Much Fresh Water? Experiment to see how much water fresh water there is on our planet
  • Gallon by Gallon: Compare the amounts of water used by countries around the world
  • Path of a Raindrop: See what happens when it rains and what helps recharge aquifers
  • Reducing your Water Footprint: Free water saving devices
  • The Great Mother Nature: Hear delightful stories from Mother Nature
  • Do you live in a Watershed? Find out if you live in a watershed, and what that means
  • Seed Balls, Throw and Grow: Get dirty and have fun making mucky muddy seedballs to plant later
  • Meet the Natives: Learn about beautiful Hill Country plants that save water
  • Wildlife at JWNA: Meet the fish, birds, bats and other wildlife that depend on the spring with Texas Parks and Wildlife, Bat Conservation International, and the Wimberley Birding Society
  • How Much Fresh Water? Calculate how much fresh water there is to share among wildlife and people