Jacob's Well Natural Area Monthly Outreach Event: Passport to Jacob's Well, Conversations of Land and Water
This is an archived article. Enjoy reading about Jacobís Well, please take note that major changes have taken place since 2013. Current information can be found here.

Jacob's Well Natural Area annouces a second event, Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 2 PM.

Planning for the future of Cypress Creek: Let's Keep it Clear, Clean, and Flowing

The Wimberley Valley is growing, and we've all seen the changes this brings to the character of the community as well as the health of our springs, creeks, and groundwater aquifers.

The Cypress Creek Project is a coalition of local groups and individuals looking at a wide range of alternatives to maintain both a healthy economic base for the community and to keep Cypress Creek clean, clear, and flowing. Come hear an overview of the Cypress Creek Project, learn about some possible futures for the Valley and the science behind understanding their impacts, and join us for a discussion about how we can all work together to determine the future we want for our community.

Speaker: Adrian Vogl, PhD, Water Resources, River Systems Institute and Texas State University.

Passport to Jacob's Well is a monthly speakers series that offers Wimberley Valley residents the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with the community.

For more information about Jacob's Well Natural Area monthly outreach events and the Friends of Jacob's Well annual membership event, call 512-722-3390.