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Writer Louis B. Parks shares information from experts about sustainable approaches to life in the Central Texas Hill Country.
Although the Texas Hill Country may appear rugged, the features that make it habitable rely on a delicate balance between nature and man. Overdevelopment with overuse of natural resources have strained this relationship in areas with few restrictions, resulting in destruction of natural resources.
Louis B. Parks interviews three experts who offer tips and information about how to preserve or restore natural balance in the area, promoting sustainability for the future.


Working with Nature in Wimberley and the Central Texas Hill Country
- Experts Help Show the Way

Jamie Kinscherff Brings Passion to the Task Of Land Management


Lesson of the Ladybugs Brings Malcolm Beck to Eco Fest...
and South Africa, and Mexico, and Canada...

It's a sad tale. Killing ladybugs led Malcolm Beck, founder of Garden-Ville and author of Lessons in Nature, to organic gardening.


Oak Wilt: Eric Beckers of the Texas Forest Service on Prevention,
Management and Funding for Land-Owners Fighting the Disease

"Share information, not oak wilt," is the motto Eric Beckers of the Texas Forest Service proposes for anyone who lives in the Wimberley area.

Luis B. Parks


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