Musical Ensemble Mundi and Special Guest Erin Bobruk Collaborate in Celtic Exploration

"Journey to Innisfree" combines the talents of Mundi and Erin Bobruk in a special presentation at White Wings on Thursday, November 8, 2007 at 7 PM. With guitar, violin, cello, bass, and an arsenal of percussion, Mundi blends ancient and original compositions into music that seduces the ear, intrigues the imagination, and stirs the spirit. In Texas and as far away as Spain, the quintet is known for exquisite performances and an apparent (and contagious) devotion to their music.

Mundi includes Darrel Mayers guitarist and music director, Bruce Colson on violin and baroque violin, Carolyn Hagler playing cello and percussion as well as adding vocals, Ric Furley playing percussion, timpani and other unusual instruments and Mario Gonzalez playing the upright and electric bass and percussion.

Combining classical instruments and an arsenal of percussion, some traditional, some found (such as garden shears and flower pots), Mundi have masterfully created a sound that is rich celebratory, dynamic, and deeply emotive. The Quintet infuses old world compositions with the energy and vitality of the diverse influences of the group to create unforgettable sound and an evening long to be remembered.  

Two of Mundiís musicians are members of the Austin Symphony Orchestra. The groupís musical credits, collectively and individually, span from playing at the Kennedy Center and NPR, to Chet Atkins and Garth Brooks. They recently accompanied poets Coleman Barks and Robert Bly at ďAngels Knocking at the Tavern Door,Ē a reading of Rumi with over 700 people in attendance.  

Barry Pinco of The Austin Chronicle says about Mundi, "Epic, uplifting, and ultimately inspiring in the way only great art can be!"

Erin Bobruk began studying violin and piano at a very young age and soon realized her passion for singing. She has a Masters in Vocal Performance and Music Therapy from the University of Texas, and keeps up her love of the classics by singing with the Austin Vocal Arts Ensemble and the Texas Early Music Project where she is often a featured soloist.

Erin also plays the Bodhran (Irish frame drum) and provided the underlying pulse behind Cluanís driving rhythms.

Come enjoy this melding of talent at the Unity Church of Wimberley, 455 White Wings Road. Requested donation is $12, students $6. Tickets are available at the door. Gourmet coffee and desserts will be offered by the Wimberley Inn.