Wimberley's 4th of July Parade: Grab a Hat, Bring a Friend!
You're invited to the annual parade in Wimberley! Check the Wimberley Events Calendar for this year's date.

Wimberley's 4th of July Parade

Each year in Wimberley a theme is proposed for the annual parade. But in the case of the Wimberley parade, the theme is not the thing. Anything from trucks, clown cars, horses, improvised trailers, and marching feet all provide ways for entrants to make their way through Wimberley decked out in colorful costumes sharing waves and smiles with spectators, themselves an integral part of the experience.

Visitors to Wimberley are invited to bring a chair, grab a hat and sunglasses and plan to get comfortable watching a unique assembly alongside residents who enjoy this as another of Wimberley's annual events.

The main parade starts at 10 AM, with a Jubilee following. However, the dates for each of these events may change each year, so be sure to check the calendar first.

The Jubilee usually includes a patriotic concert by the Wimberley Community Chorus and Community Band saluting the 4th of July, followed by more live music. Food and drinks are always available.

To see the dates and times for the 4th of July events planned in Wimberley this year, check the Wimberley Events Calendar:

Parade Route for 2017