First Aid For Fido and Tabby from Wimberley A.R.F. - Keeping Your Pet Safe
CPR and First Aid Training helps pet lovers
meet health and safety needs of their pets.

Saturday, November 22, 2008
1 to 3 PM
Wimberley Community Center

Adorable Quiqley the kitten displays the curiosity of a healthy cat. Knowing how to apply First Aid or CPR for your pet can save his life.
Photo used by special permission from

Animal Referral Friends (A.R.F.) is known for helping Wimberley residents locate missing pets and finding homeless animals a new family. Now with the "Pet First Aid," training course to prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies, Wimberley's A.R.F. is spreading the word that together we can save a pet's life.  

"Pet First Aid" explains emergency care procedures for cats and dogs in simple terms.  This course was first created by the Humane Society of the United States and features basic first aid administration, step-by-step directions for topics from giving medication to administering CPR and rescue breathing.

This is a Wimberley first! Previously pet lovers had to travel to Austin or San Antonio to take this type of class. Now it will be presented right here in our home town at the Wimberley Community Center, on Saturday, November 22 from 1 to 3 PM.

Pet owners enjoy a very special bond with their pets... they're a part of the family.  Just as with people, accidents and emergencies can happen. Being prepared by knowing what to do could make a lifesaving difference. After all, there is no 911 for pets!

This type of training is another resource that supports the mission of A.R.F to keep Wimberley pets healthy and safe.

To reserve your seat, please contact Community Outreach Coordinator, Gyvel Young, (830) 833-1874 or ARF Director, Sonja Heryford (512) 847-2878.