Shake Russell Brings the Timeless Beauty of Texas in Song to Susanna's Kitchen, Wimberley, Texas

"The Texas Legend himself… Shake Russell -- Austin, Texas any place touched by Shake becomes hallowed ground. Shake leaves a little Texas behind him, no matter where he goes. You just have to hear this legend and his legendary songs!"

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"Shake’s music walks right up to you, says howdy and gives you a big hug. His tunes make you happy or sad or thoughtful, but above all - they make you feel. Nobody writes a better love song."
Bruce Bryant - Anderson Fair

For more than three decades, Texas singer-songwriter Shake Russell has been entertaining audiences throughout the region with his unique, Americana style of folk-rock. A prolific songwriter, Shake has written or co-written hundreds of melodies.

Shake is a two-time recipient of the BMI "Million Air" award for Clint Black's recordings of "Put Yourself in My Shoes" and "One More Payment," both of which he co-wrote with Clint, and a four-time recipient of the BMI Writer's Award. The Texas Music Association named Shake the "2004 Texas Music Awards Entertainer of the Year" and nominated his new song, "Cowboy Coffee," for the "2007 Texas Music Awards Best New Song."

Weaving sophisticated harmonies through his songs and drawing from various genres, Shake created a style of folk-rock that is uniquely his own. His repertoire consists of a blend of love songs, ballads, and waltzes, skillfully balanced with lively rockabilly tunes and soulful rhythm and blues pieces. His lyrics are imbued with beautiful imagery, catchy phrases, and inventive similes and metaphors. But it is the rich, melodious voice of Shake Russell that breathes life and spirit into the lyrics.

Shake’s latest CD, “Love is Why,” is a delightful array of original compositions that beautifully showcase the extraordinary talents of this singer-songwriter. To fully appreciate and comprehend the magnitude of Shake’s contributions to music, one need only listen to his life’s work. From his 1976 album, “Songs on the Radio,” to the 2006 CD, “Love is Why,” Shake’s music is a testament to the reasons why he is so widely celebrated as a Texas music legend.

Awards and Notable Events:

2008: Entertainer of the Year for 2008 by the Texas Music Awards
2002: Houston Press Award in for "Best Folk" category.
2000: "Travelin' Texas" released on compilation CD "Travelin' Texas".
1998: BMI "Million-air" award for the Clint Black recorded "One More Payment".
1997: BMI "Million-air" award for the Clint Black recorded "Put Yourself In My Shoes".
1997: "Our Kind of Love" co-written with Clint Black recorded as a duet with Clint & Alison Krauss and Union Station.
1997: "You Don't Need Me Now" co-written with Clint Black is released as the 5th single from Clint's CD "Nothin' But The Taillights".
1996: "Deep in the West" re-recorded by Waylon Jennings & Jesse Colter.
1996: "Put Yourself in My Shoes" on Clint Black's Greatest Hits CD "Pure Black".
1995: "Til Santa's Gone" co-written with Clint Black & Hayden Nicholas released on "Looking for Christmas" album.
1994: "Hey Hot Rod" co-written with Clint Black recorded on Clint's "One Emotion" CD.
1993: Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter recorded "Deep In The West".
1993: Houston Press awards, Best Male vocal, songwriter "Album of the Year" for "Listen With Your Heart".
1990: "Put Yourself in My Shoes" & "One More Payment" recorded by Clint Black on the "Put Yourself in My Shoes" CD.
1987: Waylon Jennings records "Deep in the West" on his "Hanging Tough" album.
1985: City of Houston presented fine arts achievment award "Tex-Rex award".
1983: Ricky Skaggs recorded "You've Got A Lover" on "Highways and Heartaches" (won BMI Writers Award 1984).
BMI Writers Award: 1984, 1989, 1990, 1997.
Kerrville Folk Festival: 28 years Main Stage performer and trustee.

 MICHAEL HEARNE: How do you say "Acoustic Southwestern Americana Musical Guitar Genius" in just two words? Michael Hearne, that's how. Since the 1970s, this native Dallas Texan has strolled down a musical path inspired by the great folk and country singer-songwriters who typify and have characterized the Americana "roots" scene. Even minus the undeniable influence of the musical giants he admires and respects to this day, Michael simply had no choice when it came to deciding to be who he is.

Hearne had his hands on his first real guitar by age seven and by 12, Michael was a fixture at parties and local homespun events, not realizing that this period was actually dress rehearsal for what would prove to be an ever-evolving and rewarding musical career.

Michael continues to leave an indelible mark on his audiences not only with his signature "Michael Hearne" guitar sound, but also with songs and stories that are rich in lyrical prose, imagery and humor.

Longevity has yielded Hearne a vast fan base that is solid and ever expanding. Anyone who has ever grooved to one of Hearne's impeccable guitar leads or kicked up their heels to one of the many two stepping tunes has also probably been caught singing along at some point in the night.

Hearne's never met an audience he didn't like and fans quickly become repeat offenders on the house concert, music festival, and club scenes, as both the man and the music are extraordinarily genuine, inspirational, and entertaining.


Shake and Michael appear Thursday, July 16th, 2015 at Susanna's Kitchen coffeehouse in the Wimberley United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. Tickets are available at the door, $15 for adults, $5 for children, childcare is available from 7 to 9. Pie from Wimberley Pie Company, organic coffee from Hill Country Natural Foods, and hot tamales available. Doors open at 7, with music starting at 7:30. This is a smoke-free, alcohol-free venue. For more information, 512-847-3109.