EmilyAnn Theatre in Wimberley, Texas Presents Twelfth Night at Summer 2011 Shakespeare under the Stars


The Shakespeare comedy, Twelfth Night, is this year's Shakespeare under the Stars presentation at the EmilyAnn Theatre in Wimberley, Texas. The play centers around romance and mistaken identity and is one of the most well known and popular of Shakespeare's works.

Twins separated in a shipwreck, unrequited and unexpected love, mischevious plotting, cross dressing, pirate swashbuckling, unmatchable wit are all set in a neo-Victorian steampunk style. (For a complete summary of Shakespeare's play, check the links below.)

This production, as all Shakespeare under the Stars performances, is created and produced by students and presented on the outdoor amphitheatre stage. The play runs from July 25 through August 6  with performances nightly at 8:15. (There are no Sunday performances.)


The cast this year includes:

    Viola - Kylie Zeko
    Orsino - Adam Rollins
    Olivia - Natalie Hill
    Feste - Mikayla Cook
    Sir Toby - Colin Iliff
    Sir Andrew - Max Piotrzkowski
    Maria - Caiti Scudder
    Fabian - Bronson Lassetter
    Malvolio - Kevin Vela
    Sebastian - Carter Holland
    Antonia - Caitlin Iliff
    Priest - Jackson Hvizdos
    Valentine - Sydney Watt and Tatum Zeko
    Curio - Jasmine Cardenas
    1st Officer/Sea Captain - Mary Rath
    2nd Officer - Elizabeth Walters
    Ladies in Waiting/Servant - Lorin Craft
           Aleah Petmecky
           Greer Purnell
           Jozsef Smith
           Getch Dundon
    Ladies in Waiting
           Tess Hasbrouk
           Skylar Wilson
           Brooke Younger
           Kendra Patch
           Kathy Brewer
    Costume Assistants
           Sally Rath
           Samantha Park



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