The Austin Lounge Lizards Bring Satirical Folk, Country and Bluegrass to Wimberley Audiences
The Austin Lounge Lizards - Prepare to be entertained!

The Austin Lounge Lizards are vocalist/bassist Boo Resnick, Conrad Deisler on guitar, Tom Pittman on banjo and dobro, Hank Card on rhythm guitar and Korey Simeone on fiddle and mandolin. They have delighted audiences from Texas to California, from Canada to the U.K., with their inventive style of satirical folk, country and bluegrass. Based in Austin, Texas, since their formation in 1980, the Lizards have honed their music into a knife-sharp art form.

Trademarks of a Lizards song are highly literate, sharply pointed lyrics that poke fun at politics, love, religion and the culture in general. For example, among the songs on their latest CD, "The Drugs I Need", are the title song and four others commissioned by Consumers Union and other advocacy groups. The Lizards tackle the pharmaceutical industry, health insurance, big media and big oil, and excessive credit card debt. Check out the touching duet entitled "Xmas Time for Visa" with guest vocalist Tish Hinojosa on this album. "The Drugs I Need" is the Lizards most topical album yet.
Even after 26 years together, they’re still finding new places to play, like San Francisco’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, a major event entirely funded by a wealthy venture capitalist (obviously with a good sense of humor).

Just like that festival, their repertoire is hardly strictly bluegrass, even though they started out spoofing country music clichés.  They’ve since expanded their intricately layered harmonies and instrumental arrangements to puncture pop, rock and now, thanks to Simeone, even German hip-hop.
“I do my lame middle-aged white guy beat box and he raps in German,” says Resnick. “The crowds love it.”

Though members of those crowds have been asking the band for a greatest-hits album, Resnick promises there won’t be one anytime soon.
"When we put out a greatest hits album, that means we have quit writing," he explains.  "As long as there are corrupt politicians and greedy corporations doing what they do, as long as the media are so lowbrow, as long as you’ve got religious nutcases out there, and as long as Nashville keeps putting out ridiculous cookie-cutter music, we will always have something to write about.”

Come enjoy their four- and five-part vocal harmonies and instrumental mastery at Susanna's Kitchen. Susanna’s Kitchen is a monthly coffeehouse hosted by the Wimberley United Methodist Church on the third Thursday of the month in the WUMC fellowship hall and is open to the public. Tickets are available at the door, $15 for adults, $5 for students, childcare is available. Pie from Wimberley Pie Company, organic coffee from Hill Country Natural Foods, and hot tamales are always on site! Doors open at 7:00 pm, with music starting at 7:30. This is a smoke-free, alcohol-free venue.