San Marcos Animal Shelter Reports Deluge of Lost Dogs after Storms and Fireworks.

Sharri Boyett ( reports that Hays County animal control officers have been picking up an unusual number of dogs from Wimberley, from Kyle and all around the county.

A terrifying combination of storms and fireworks in the last few weeks have caused many family pets to become disoriented. Seeking safe shelter, far too many have found themselves outside the yards and safe areas where they usually stay quite contentedly. Some have become lost, and some have been picked up due to complaints from people who spot a strange dog nearby.

If you are missing a pet, or if you know someone who is, they may well be at the San Marcos Animal Shelter. To identify and take your pet home, you must go check in person at the shelter.

If you are, like most of us, an animal lover who understands how painful loss can be for both the pet and owner, you can help by getting the word out.

Boyett notes that currently the following dogs, along with others, are at the shelter: Yorkies, a purebred baby Corgi, a Dalmation, two Aussies (one mama with pups), nice Labrador Retrievers, a Poodle, a Lhasa Apso, several Pit Bulls, and a Cocker Spaniel. Some wonderful kittens are also there, available for adoption.

The San Marcos Animal Shelter is located at 750 River Road, San Marcos, Texas.


Prevent A Litter: Lots of great information, including how to volunteer at the shelter.

ARF (Wimberley Animal Referral Friends): Report lost or found pets, foster and/or adopt a "new best friend." Love animals but don't need another pet at home? Volunteers are needed and welcome!