Sneak Preview in Wimberley, Texas; Highly Acclaimed Film, The Unforeseen by Austin Director Laura Dunn, Showing at the Corral Theatre

"A beautiful, soulful work about real estate development and sprawl, focused on Austin's beloved Barton Springs, and if you think that's impossible you haven't seen it." --

The Corral Theatre in Wimberley, Texas, is having a sneak preview of award-winning Austin director Laura Dunn's new film, "The Unforeseen," on October 27 and 28. Produced by Robert Redford and Terrence Malick, this acclaimed documentary is scheduled for release in February, 2008, but it is circulating among some of the best-known film festivals around the world: Sundance, London, Rome, Vancouver, Austin SXSW and San Francisco.

Mesmerizing visuals and graphics, aerial photography, archival photos, film clips and TV newscasts create an absorbing narrative about the struggle over land development and protecting Austin's Barton Springs during the 1980s and 1990s. Dunn humanizes and balances the issue by weaving interviews with such key players as former Texas Governor Ann Richards, lobbyist Dick Brown and singer-songwriter Willie Nelson around the story of Gary Bradley, the land tycoon who sparked a backlash against his 4,000-acre subdivision.

"Bradley was going to transform what he saw as a blank canvas into a master planned community," Dunn said. "Some people see the land as a blank canvas on which to build profit, and other people see the land as something that has inherent value in a natural condition."
Filmmaker Laura Dunn in interview with David Brancaccio
Dunn has won several awards for her documentaries, which include "The Subtext of a Yale Education" (1999); "Green" (2000); and "Become the Sky" (2002). She received a Rockefeller Media Fellowship, Student Academy Award and Yale Fine Arts Prize. She is founder and President of Two Birds Film based in Austin, Texas. "The Unforeseen" is Dunn's first feature-length film.

New York Times reviewer Jason Buchanan calls it "a thought-provoking film that weighs the economics of the American dream against the destruction of the natural world."

The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association is sponsoring the film. Tickets for the Saturday benefit, which features Dunn in a Q&A session, are $20, and proceeds support the nonprofit Hays Community Action Network. Tickets for the Sunday show are $5. The theater opens at 6:15 PM, and the film starts at dusk, about 7:15. Early comers may find a seat in the available chairs and bleachers at the Corral, but it's always a good idea to bring a lawn chair to make sure you have a comfortable seat.

As dusk falls, the evenings usually become cooler at this time of year, and forecast is for temperatures in the low 50s during these evening shows. Think perfect football weather, and bring a jacket or a cozy blanket to throw over your lap and maybe top it off with a warm hat to make yourself comfortable while enjoying the fresh air, the beautiful full-moon evening, and an exceptional film.

The open-air Corral Theatre, built in 1948, is the only outdoor movie theater in the U.S. that shows first-run films. The Corral has become an icon as one of Wimberley's unique experiences. The showing of The Unforeseen is an opportunity to see a great film before release, enjoy the historic ambience of a special place, get an inside view from the director, and benefit a public interest organization.