Wimberley Area Advocacy Group - WAG Rescue Brings New Hope for Abandoned and Neglected Dogs
Advocates for abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs.

The Wimberley area now has an advocacy group focusing on placing dogs who have been abandoned into loving, permanent homes.

The mission of the newly-formed Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue (WAG Rescue) is the rescue of homeless, neglected, abused and forsaken dogs in the Wimberley area and placement into loving, permanent homes.

WAG Rescue also reaches out to disseminate information about responsible pet ownership, the treatment of animals with dignity, and encouragement of the use of spay/neutering services for all pets to prevent overpopulation and animal suffering.

Pat Davis, one of the founders of WAG Rescue, shares the history and details of the organization:


The History of WAG Rescue

Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue Corporation was formed in June 2009 after three local animal advocates saw the need to create an organization which focuses solely on caring for abandoned, neglected, surrendered and forsaken dogs in our area. As Wimberley's population has increased, so has the number of stray and unwanted dogs that our community is ill-equipped to handle. Since there is no shelter within close proximity to Wimberley, many dogs and puppies (which are frequently dumped in our area) have dismal fates out in nature and along our roadways or they are picked up by Hays County Animal Control and taken to San Marcos where most are euthanized.

Dog rescue work is both demanding and expensive. Each WAG Rescue dog receives a complete exam by a veterinarian, rabies shot and vaccinations (age appropriate). They are also heartworm tested and de-wormed. Dogs are kept for seven days before listing them for adoption to assess their behavior and health status, as well as to be certain that they have been abandoned or that they have no owner trying to find them. All adoptable dogs are spayed or neutered and placed in foster care until a loving, permanent home can be found for them. Typically, this is done at local pet adoption events and at the PetSmart in San Marcos, as well as, via the internet on Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet. On average, a dog stays in the WAG system approximately 8 to 10 weeks.

WAG Rescue Vision

In addition to WAG Rescue's ongoing work of caring for dogs in need, our goal and vision is to have a Dog Wellness/Adoption Facility in Wimberley within the next five years. There is a definite need for it and there are certainly many dog people here to support it, along with businesses to underwrite it and grant monies that are available. WAG Rescue currently has a professional fundraiser onboard who was the driving force in getting an animal shelter built in another state. We are very optimistic about seeking donated or leased land outside of Wimberley and eventually kicking off our Capital Campaign for our facility.

Primary Sources of Funding

WAG Rescue is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3), volunteer organization. We are funded solely by private sector contributions, donations and adoption fees. We receive no government funding or support from animal welfare organizations. Donations made to WAG Rescue are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

WAG Rescue is a network of foster families and does not have a physical facility.

It is a volunteer dog rescue and adoption group.

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