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The Three Musketeers Swashbuckle into Wimberley High School's Lone Star Theatre
With flashing swords and lovely gowns, The Three Musketeers is sure to provide swashbuckling entertainment for the entire family. The play runs Monday through Saturday, December 5-10, starting at 7 PM. Admission is $5.
Joey Pannone (Aramis), Walker Pickens (King), and Zane Gordon-Bouzard (Cardinal Richlieu) rehearse a scene from The Three Musketeers
Fall play productions at the Lone Star Theatre are known for their timeless appeal as well as their spectacular production values. Adapted from Alexandre Dumas' spirited novel by a socially conscious Peter Raby in the 1960s, the non-stop action in this play revolves around violence, love, money and politics.

Dumas wrote his novel as a daily drama for a newspaper, spicing it up when circulation flagged. The three Musketeers who love to fight for king and country -- Athos, Porthos and Aramis -- are joined at the outset by a fourth comrade, the irresistible DArtagnan. An intricate plot of romance, betrayal and political intrigue ensues, fleshed out by villains (Milady de Winter, Cardinal Richlieu) and victims (Anne of Austria, Constance Bonacieux). In the end, virtue triumphs over evil.

As with all Lone Star Theatre productions, the work is done by students under the guidance of directors J. Gary Wyatt and Lydia Miller-Wyatt. Technical theatre students work with cast and crew members to construct the set and sew the costumes, which include authentic boned corsets. The cast includes junior high and high school students.

The cast of The Three Musketeers features Harry Tork (d'Artagnan's Father, Buckingham, Musketeer, Planchet), Bryan Chafin (DeTreville, Innkeeper at Jolly Miller, Shoulder of Mutton, Red Dovecot, O'Reilly, Lord de Winter), Austen Cabler (Jussac, Musketeers Sergeant), Lane Schwager (Mme. Coquenard, Landlady at Amiens), Cameron Allen (1st Musketeer, Cardinals Guard, Stranger, Guard at Amiens, Drunken Soldier), Cameron Duggan (2nd Musketeer, Cardinals Guard, Workman, Patrick, Beggar, Drunken Soldier), Cody Montgomery (3rd Musketeer, Cardinals Guard, Workman, Ormsby, Bandit, Drunken Soldier), Patrick Shannon (4th Musketeer, Guard at Louvre/Amiens, Apprentice, Bandit, English Guard), Walker Pickens (King, Sea-Captain, Jesuit, Executioner), Paden Ross (Bonacieux, Comte de Wardes, Cure, Felton), Thomas Reeves (Musketeer, Grimaud), Connor Pickens (Coquenard), Indy Guest (Laporte), Cole Sutera (d'Artagnan), Andrew Patoski (Rochefort), Zeb Bush (Bicarat), Brooke Shedd (Milady de Winter), Patrick Byers (Porthos), Joey Pannone (Aramis), Chris Bakka (Athos), Zane Gordon-Bouzard (Cardinal Richelieu), Jenny Bond (d'Artagnan's Mother), Caitlyn Kuhs (Constance), Erin Lyon (Kitty), Annie Bond (Anne of Austria), Calen Cabler (Dona Estefania), Alyssa Johnson (Abbess). Rounding out the cast as Townspeople, Musketeers, Cardinals Guards, etc. are Kelsey Wilson, Sydnie Ross, Anna Pope, Elena Weinberg, Brenna Sturdivant, Alyssabeth Harding, Claudia Ferrero, Summer Wilson, Bonnie Sturdivant and Kelsey Dolan. The technical managers are Sound Manager Faith Chonko, Lighting Manager Holly Landaker and Costume Manager Natasha DesRochers.

- Louie Bond -


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