Rose's Dilemma Is Wimberley's Gain in Funny, Poignant Neil Simon Play Presented by the Wimberley Players in Wimberley, Texas
Rose (Judith Laird) obeys the "no touching" rules for romancing ghosts, in this case her dearly departed lover, Walsh (Lee Stubbs) in Rose's Dilemma.
Photograph Jim Gillock © 2008

Rose's Dilemma will run weekends from July 25 to August 10, 2008 at the Playhouse, 450 Old Kyle Road.

Performances are 8:00 on Fridays and Saturdays and 2:30 on Sundays.

On opening night, July 25, a special reception will be held before and after the show, with fine hors d'oeuvres and beverages.

A famous playwright in her decline, Rose Steiner, is desperate for a way out of her creative doldrums. Her solution to her problems forms the underlying story for the Neil Simon play, Rose's Dilemma, presented by the Wimberley Players.

Rose's Dilemma is a sweet, sentimental, funny walk through a once-famous writer's life. Rose consults the ghost of her former lover, Walsh McLaren, and together they work out a way to save Rose's dwindling bank account as they reminisce about their wild ride together during their prime. The fact that their former relationship was far from platonic makes the goings-on between one lover here and the other "elsewhere" quite provocative. "Did you ever really smell a strong, interesting man?" she asks Arlene, her assistant, as she overindulges herself in flowers. "If they could bottle that, there'd be no lonely women in the world."

The principal lovers also set the stage for a budding romance for the next generation of writers. To solve Rose's writer's block, Walsh offers her an unfinished story of his own and recommends a budding young male writer, Clancy, to give her a hand with it. With attractive, young Arlene in the house, the ingredients for romance are all there.

Whitney Marlett Mollahan returns to the Wimberley Playhouse as director of Rose's Dilemma. She was last seen onstage in Bright Ideas and directed the Players in Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks, which starred her mother, Shirley Marlett. Shirley is changing the roles for this production by serving as producer. She is an award-winning theatre veteran who has directed numerous plays, including Bright Ideas, for the Wimberley Players. The family combination is a winning one!

Rose is played by Judith Laird, last seen as Madame Acarti in another Neil Simon production, Blithe Spirit. Laird is Artistic Director for the Players and a frequent actress on our stage. Lee Stubbs, recently seen in Man of La Mancha, plays Walsh McLaren. He has directed, taught, produced, written and acted in a variety of roles for 35 years, and is currently Theatre Arts Instructor at Katherine Anne Porter School. Perry Redden, who recently starred in Bright Ideas, is Clancy, and Suzan Kurry, a theatre veteran who recently stage managed a production at Austin's Long Center, plays Arlene.

"I am so proud to bring you this show with its poignant, truly funny moments," says Mollahan. "I have lined up an all-star cast of talent from Wimberley, Austin and San Marcos. Come and see Rose's Dilemma and you will, perhaps, talk to your own shadows as Rose talks to hers. I can promise you will experience a wonderful night at the theatre."