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Featured Artist

Fine Art Photograph
These six rambunctious cowboys were photographed on a NW Colorado ranch racing through the wild sage brush. For the job well done, at the end of a long day, their cowboy enthusiasm is shown as they race back to the ranch for their grub.

Fine Art Photograph
Six beautiful longhorns stroll through the river with the cowboys watching over them.

Fine Art Photograph
As the cowboy watches over the herd, he and his horse stroll amongst the horses while they rest near the river banks.

Fine Art Photograph
After the gather, the cowboy's everyday work is roping the calf so that it can be tagged, branded, and castrated.

Fine Art Photograph
This cowgirl wearing her colorful poncho, riding her beautiful roan, is playing and racing her two best friends.

ABOUT Claire

Claire Porter lives in the Texas Hill Country, southwest of Austin. She received a BFA from Southern Methodist University focusing on Photography, Painting and Etching. She travels globally to shoot horses and cowboy imagery. She strives to touch your heart and reach your soul through her breathtaking images.

Claire is a member of ...

       Wimberley Valley Art League, Art on 12, Austin Art & Frame, MESH Art Gallery in Ketchum, Idaho and Texas Professional Photographers Association


"Claire Porter is passionate about creating emotional equine photographs. Her fine art images evoke the elegance, power and grace of the majestic equus. She selects then enhances the strengths of her images through great attention to detail: inviting you to be within the scene and emotionally touched by her art."

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updated 05/15/19