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Standing Figure
Raku fired stoneware, slab built in multiple sections
This work is part of a series of sculptures drawn from sketch journals in 1990. The work is dedicated to my son Josh Rosenthal who died in 2016. The work was installed on the hill above our house in Canyon Lake., Texas. Front view of sculpture at sunset. 64" x 29" x 12" , c. 2016

"Rise of the Midgard Serpent, listed Smithsonian Art Museum art inventories catalogue 1994."
Welded steel plate and recycled pipe from Hughes Tool & Die in Houston. Original installation Bayou Show 1983, downtown Houston on bank of Buffalo Bayou. Final, permanent installation in the lake at The Woodlands, Texas 1985. Dimensions 85' x 4' x 2'6"
Rise of the Midgard Serpent is based on a Norse myth telling us if the stewards of the world stop caring about it, the Midgard serpent will rise again encircling the earth in a cataclysmic cleansing.

Symfonix, mild steel, dimensions 9'6" h x 5'0" w x 5'0" d, c. 1991
Commission work dedicated to Fredell Lack, international concert violinist and professor of music at the Univerisity of Houston, main campus. The work will be installed at the University of Houston Music Department in the front lobby in 2019.

Thrown, carved, and altered stoneware vessel with inserted ceramic shards. Dimensions 20" h x 12" dia, c. 2015
This work is part of a series of ceramic sculptures. Each vessel explores the finish, the surface, and the interior limits of the vessel and the space that surrounds it.

"Mail Route Road"
Mail Route Road, 12" x 16", slab built porcelain, carved through glaze surface, c. 2018
This work is one of a series of decorative plates illustrating Texas Backroads. The plates are slab built or thrown on the potters wheel, then glazed and often carved through the glaze to reveal the clay color underneath. Each work is a unique, one of a kind, signed original work of art.


Marc Rosenthal is an American artist who has produced works in steel, bronze, ceramic, and mixed media since 1971. A native Texan, Marc attended the University of St. Thomas graduating with a BFA in 1973. Marc received a lifetime teaching certificate for Art Education from the University of Houston in 1989. Marc was one of the five founders of Clay Arts Vegas, a ceramic studio in that opened in 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you're ever in The Woodlands, near Conroe, Texas, look for Marc's "Rise of the Midgard Serpent", a steel sculpture installed in Lake Woodlands. The work was purchased by Cynthia Woods Mitchell and added to the public art collection in The Woodlands in 1985. The publication Save Outdoor Sculpture, a survey of public art in Texas, earned "Rise of the Midgard Serpent" a listing in Smithsonian American Art Museum catalogue in 1994.


was previously affiliated with Texcetera, Johnson City, Texas; Clay Arts Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada.


"I generally produce works in a series and always draw designs or make models before creating a larger version. My ideas take me to multiple places and a variety of mediums, such as steel, wood, bronze, and ceramics.
I'm always looking and dreaming. Much of what I want to express revolves around the cycles of nature and my own personal journeys that share the process of growth, loss, and renewal. I find much inspiration from walks in the desert, the mountains, along rivers, back roads and the world beyond. Likewise, I am astounded and influenced by the very ground beneath my feet. "

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