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Featured Artist

Pseudo-woven handkerchief vase
Fused Glass
The piece is made by open-layering strips of transparent colored glass, which is fused, then fused again, to drape in the kiln. This open-weave vase may be illuminated with an electric votive candle.

"Blue Clock"
Fused Glass
Standing glass clock, which may be displayed upright or sidewise.

"Green and red dots handkerchief vase"
Fused Glass
Green and red dots fused on clear glass, then draped in kiln to form vase.

"Two photo/recipe stands"
Fused Glass
Self-standing photo stands are fused with colored glass, then kiln slumped.

"Pseudo-woven bowl "
Fusd Glass
Open-layered strips of fused glass strips draped in kiln to form bowl.


I have lived all over the country but most of my life has been spent in Texas. After multiple careers, I retired in 2014 to New Braunfels. I have been doing glass fusing for 2 ½ years, which I enjoy for both its artistic and utilitarian function.


After multiple tries at several different art forms over the years, this one fits me best. I love how glass and light work together to make something beautiful. I enjoy trying new things with fused glass - from using interesting opaque, transparent and Dichroic glass to make jewelry, vases, clocks and many other objects that appeal both to the artistic and utilitarian senses.

updated 04/22/19