Santa Fe Style - each piece presented on this page is unique,
One of a Kind and hand crafted

Alebrije has been defined as an imaginary being. A world renowned artist by the name of Pedro Linares fell ill with the flu and in a feverish dream he saw animals with 6 tails, a donkey with butterfly wings, a rooster with bullhorns, creatures that resembled gryphons, and dragons just to name a few. They had unnatural colors and patterns swirling over their bodies. These creatures began repeatedly chanting a single word: alebrije, alebrije, aleberije! Linares became fearful of these strange, powerful creatures chanting this nonsense word and could not tell if they were warning or threatening him. This was enough to startle him awake in time to observe his fever subside. This nightmare has morphed into a beautiful art form found in museums and galleries throughout the the world.

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Alebrije - Peacock

This wonderful Peacock carving is totally hand created by artist Arturo Castillo of Oaxaca. It takes weeks to carve an animal from a single piece of wood plus countless hours are expended in the tedious hand painting. This Peacock has 5 different color undercoats, hundreds of design strokes and thousands of dots all done with a needle of a cactus. One of the most important aspects of this fantastical creature is that every piece is removable. Master artists and the original carvers perfected this technique, it is still used today by the Castillo Family of carvers. Less dedicated carvers do not subscribe to this technique and once viewed it becomes obvious which pieces have hundreds of hours spent in their creation and finishing. Santa Fe Connection invites you to view and become the proud owner of one of these unique Castillo creations.
Size: 30" W x 25" H
Price: $975

Alebrije - Dragon

This piece is a fire spewing dragon by Elvis Castillo. A younger brother of Arturo is also an excellent carver with a fantastic imagination. He has produced this elegant and fascinating sculpture. Interestingly enough the first step in creating a wood carving involves only thinking what to carve when the shape of the wood influences what is made.
Size: 10" W x 18" L x 21" H
Price: $495

Alebrije - Armadillos

Colorful would be an understatement when describing this Armadillo. The red underbelly and head make a statement that cannot be denied. Multiple color bands on the back while being embellished with a row of painted beads all around. Finishing off the sculpture the colors are accented by even more unusual markings including the thousands of dots.
armadillo   Size: 5" D x 15" H   Price: $154
peacock   Size: 9" D x 9" H   Price: $125.50

Alebrije - Turtles

These playful little fellows are a great way to start collecting alebrijes. Bright colors, detailed carving in the same vein as all other Castillo creations.
Size range: 2.5" D~7.5" D x 2" H~6" H
Price range: $36.50~$78.75

Alebrije - Armadillos

Highly detailed armadillos of various sizes, created by the Castillo family.
large blue   Size: 5" W x 13" L x 10" H   Price: $245
small   Size range: 2"~3" W x 6~7" L x 3"~5" H   Price range: $22.75~$78.50

Alebrije - Lizards

A group of ground hugging lizards created by the Castillo family. Various sizes and colorings are available. Lizards shown range from small to medium lengths.
Size range: 4"~7" W x 6"~14" L x 2"~3"H
Price range: $50.75~$124

Alebrije - Octopi

Highly detailed octopi, showing two of a much larger selection available at Santa Fe Connection. Created by Arturo Castillo
large   Size: 13" D x 6" H   Price $325.50
small   Size 9" D x 3.5" H    Price $130.50

Alebrije - Bird on Dragon

Bird on a dragon envisioned and created by Elvis Castillo. This is one of those pieces that shows an unbelievable imagination. A man’s face is carved and painted behind the highly detailed chicken head.
Size: 17" W x 25" L x 20" H
Price: $675