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Distance: Approximately 30 miles/ 50KM

Time: 1.5 hours minimum

From Wimberley Square, RR12 north .4 milesto FM 2325; north 3.8 miles to Fischer Store Road (FM 181), west 8.3 miles to RR 32 and Fischer Store; east 12 miles to the RR 32 - RR 12 junction; RR 12 north 4.4 miles to Wimberley. 

Suggestions: Pack a picnic & a camera.

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Fischer Store, previously serving the community as Post Office, bank and saloon, is a Texas landmark dating from 1902. It's still open on Wednesday through Sunday afternoons.

Historic Windmill

Built in 1902


Nine-pin bowling at Fischer


Store hours not valid @ 2013


Final resting place


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  This close-in excursion gives you a chance to stretch your legs a little bit and enjoy some of our country air. Driving north through Wimberley on RR 12, take the left FM 2325 fork just before Ace Hardware. Leaving Wimberley, notice the EmilyAnn Theatre on your left just past the Wimberley High School. Continuing north on FM 2325, also known as the Old Blanco Highway, you quickly begin to leave the Wimberley Valley.

Just about where you take a left on Fischer Store Road (FM 181), travelers in days gone by would stop by an old wind-operated water pump to stock up on water for their trips to Blanco and beyond. Now privately owned, this windmill that once powered a major watering hole is still spinning in the Texas breeze.

The gently undulating Fischer Store Road makes several memorable drops in altitude before it crosses the Blanco River. The current bridge was built around 1990 and its completion removed the terror of trying to cross that flooded roadway. It's hard to believe that this lazy-looking river can swell over its banks and rise by over 20 feet in just a blink of the eye. Keep a sharp lookout for water birds here.

The road remains curvy and narrow as it gently lifts you out of the river valley, bringing you to the community of Fischer.  Founded by German emigrants during the 1880s, Fischer is an agricultural community. You may notice that the land formations change quite a bit as you arrive on this plateau.

The Fischer Bowling Club and its nine pin bowling league are housed in a long red building. Next door is the dance hall, originally a small school house. Although quite rustic, it is still a popular place to rent for dances, weddings and other social events. On most summer weekends you will find a festive gathering in and around Fischer Hall.

Fischer Store is just around the corner. Plan to stop in to browse a bit and stretch your legs. This tin building, once serving as the post office, bank, and saloon, sits above the ground just as it has for many years. A gander at the brass mailboxes and postmaster's cage make the stop worthwhile. Enjoy a soft drink as you browse around the store.

Leaving Fischer in an easterly direction on RR 32, check out the old cemetery a few hundred yards down on the left. The tombstones tell stories of life and death in the Texas Hill Country. RR 32 rises and drops several times over the next few miles. The stretch of road called "Devil's Backbone" begins just about where you'll notice El Rancho Cima Boy Scout Camp on the left. This 2,680 acre property is located on the Blanco River and is open year-round for Boy Scout camping, with two major camps in operation. Cockrell River Camp has 15 troop sites and Horseshoe Bend Camp has 12 troop sites.

Climbing to the top of the hill, you're welcomed by a roadside park where you can enjoy a relaxed view of the valley and possibly that boxed lunch that you brought with you. This high section of the roadway has excellent views all along the way.

  Just as the curves start to straighten out you will be greeted by two watering holes. The Devil's Backbone Tavern and another right next door. These are popular hangouts for many hardworking Texans who like to contemplate their day's activities while enjoying a Lone Star Beer and looking out over the world. There are stories of a roadrunner who would regularly stop in to munch on treats offered by the patrons there and the Tavern, billing itself as an "original Texas Honky-Tonk," has live music. 

Dropping down from the high ridge of the Devil's Backbone, the road remains relatively straight and flat until you reach The Junction, the intersection of RR 32 and RR 12. Continuing southeast on RR 32 (which becomes RR 12 from this point on) would take you to San Marcos.

Turn left at the blinking light onto RR 12 to return to Wimberley. (Do this carefully, since this location is infamous for fender benders coming from any direction.) Climbing to the top of the hill you find another  roadside park on the right with a wonderful view of the Wimberley valley. To the left and the right are magnificent views, a great place to get a few panoramic photographs. Just a few miles further down the road you'll drop into the valley and cross the Blanco River, returning to the Village of Wimberley.

Don't miss Lewis Smith's History of Fischer - only in Texas! Click here...

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