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The wonderful wildlife and animals in the Wimberley Valley and Texas Hill Country

Raccoon Stories - Clever, Interesting, Comical, Entertaining, Adaptable. What's Not to Like?
Stories from people who've shared their yards and more...intentionally and not...with this creative critter.  CLICK FOR MORE»
Birds of Wimberley...
Years of photos & articles about Wimberley's birds, visitors & residents.
Birds of Wimberley and the Central Texas Hill Country ...articles and more  CLICK FOR MORE»
The Texas Longhorn, Part 1 - A Three-Part Series by Lewis Smith
Author Lewis Smith brings the story of the Texas Longhorn to life with photographs, history, and more. Cattle rancher or urban dweller, this series is entertaining and enlightening. Fun!  CLICK FOR MORE»
The Texas Longhorn, Part 2 - Near Extinction, Preservation, and Valuable Future
From its peak in about 1890, the Longhorn population headed rapidly toward complete extinction. See how the Longhorn breed was preserved and why they're valued now.  CLICK FOR MORE»
The Texas Longhorn, Part 3 - Certificate of Registration
Something most of us don't see every day...a real certificate of registration for a purebred Longhorn. Meet Sweet Pea, who shares hers with us. The last installment of the wonderful series by Lewis Smith.  CLICK FOR MORE»
Watching Deer Neighbors, A Poem by Dorey Schmidt
Beautifully describing the relationship between our species, Dorey Schmidt, a Wimberley writer, has created wonderful scenes with words.  CLICK FOR MORE»
A True-Life Rescue Adventure and What to Do When You Find A Fawn
The rescue of a fawn from a predator, and what to do when you find an abandoned baby animal.  CLICK FOR MORE»
The Gray Fox - Graceful, Beautiful, Interesting and Not A Dog
The central Texas Hill Country is home to many remarkable creatures, but none are more intriguing than the Gray Fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus). Learn more about this small, busy Canid that climbs.  CLICK FOR MORE»
The Hummingbird Moth, Hemaris thysbe, the Little Bug Who Looks Like A Bird
One of nature's great mimics, this little moth helps pollinate spring plants in Central Texas.  CLICK FOR MORE»
Wimberley Butterflies in a Slide Show
Beautiful visions of Monarchs, Frittilaries, and Swallowtails enjoying a butterfly-friendly yard in Central Texas. Information and resources included in this feature.  CLICK HERE»
CIcada, Wimberley's Quintessential Sound of Summer
With an interesting life cycle and a special talent, the cicada's song is inseparable from the sounds of summer in Wimberley. (Includes a link to a cool photo of a Wimberley cicada molting.)  CLICK HERE»
Millions of Monarchs
An article by Dorey Schmidt describing the migration of the Monarch butterfly. Also included are great links and a slideshow of Papalotzin, the ultralite that followed the journey of the Monarch.  CLICK HERE»

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