Wimberley is the Honky Tonk and Dance Hall Hub of Central Texas   by Lewis Smith

Yes! That's Wimberley's newest claim to being the right place
for just about everything that's good and fun.

In the first place, Texas is noted for being home of the nation's oldest, most colorful authentic dance halls. They're sprinkled (lightly) all over the state, but 11 of the best reside within a 50 mile radius of Wimberley and they include two of the state's oldest (Twin Sisters Dance Hall and Gruene Hall).

Imagine we're at the center of a compass and beginning right up at the "N" and continuing on around the dial we have these wonderful destinations within easy reach (as "crow flies" mileage in parenthesis): Mercer Street Dance Hall in Dripping Springs (12); Cheatham St. Warehouse in San Marcos (13); Broken Spoke, Austin (30) Gruene Hall, Gruene (20); McQueeney Hall, McQueeney (40); Hanging Tree Saloon, Bracken (45); Anhalt Hall, Spring Branch (30); Kendalia Halle, Kendalia (35); Twin Sisters Dance Hall 6mi S of Blanco (20); Albert Dance Hall, Albert (34), and, finally, way up around the "NW" is Luckenbach Hall (40).
Their birthdates range from Gruene Hall in 1878 to 2013 (Mercer St. in Dripping Springs), but the rest qualify as "well done": 1870, 1879, 1887, 1903, 1914, 1922, 1964, 1974 and 1989. Despite their age, all are going strong. Even though Gruene is the oldest continually operating dance hall in Texas, Twin Sisters hall was opened in 1870 but served as a meeting place for several years before becoming a dance hall as well.
Several common factors qualified these 13 standouts for our list. No pretentiousness, family friendly, live music, almost always lots of tin and raw plank construction; dim string lights, lots of smiles and, for most, an entertainer's recommendation. Finally, each has no trouble in simply adding definition to what's meant by Texas honky tonk, saloon, dance hall or all three.

Dance Halls on the Rim of Wimberley's Honky Tonk Hub

Kandalia Hall

Luckenbach Dance Hall

Devil's Backbone Inn

McQueeney Hall

Mercer Street Dance Hall

Gruene Hall

Albert Dance Hall

Cheatham Street Warehouse

Hangin' Tree Saloon

Fischer Hall

Broken Spoke

Anhalt Hall

Twin Sisters Dance Hall