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Wimberley area country roads can quickly confuse the most experienced navigator. Residents and visitors agree that unnecessary time spent driving is much more fun to spend sitting by the river, visiting with friends, shopping, or gazing across the hills. We hope the following maps will be helpful to you in reducing time spent on the road and getting you to your wonderful Wimberley area destination. These are periodically updated, so please return again for latest information.


Driving, the once great American pastime, no longer holds charms it once did when roads and wheels were a novelty. We're all learning the costs of the constant movement of large machinery to carry one or two people distances on trips that may not have even been necessary with good planning.

Fewer people are now being taken for a ride through misconceptions about the true cost of driving. The AAA has a tool to calculate the cost of gasoline here, but we all know the full cost of automobile ownership and use is much higher than fuel costs. More significantly, the external environmental and societal costs of driving in the hill country and the United States include:

  • Death (auto accidents are still the leading cause of death for Americans 2 to 24)
  • Police, fire, ambulance services
  • Road construction (see traffic map here for Wimberley construction)
  • Air, water, land pollution
  • Global warming
  • Petroleum supply line policing, security
  • Petroleum production subsidies
  • Loss of transportation options
  • Congestion
And the time spent by automobile owners in maintaining and insuring cars, with huge loss in personal and business productivity due to hours spent sitting in traffic.
Wimberley traffic can be mind-boggling.

A few ways we can drive smarter...

  • Carpool to Market Day. It's more fun, anyway!
  • Develop a positive attitude toward reducing car use and relying on alternative forms of transportation. For example, think of time you spend walking and cycling as fun and relaxing exercise, rather than wasted time. Find ways to use time spent on public transit productively, by resting or reading.
  • Challenge yourself to find ways to reduce your car use, and reward yourself with the financial savings.
  • Combine errands and run them in one trip
  • Carpool the hours and money each week in school transportation
  • Walk or ride a bike. The great thing about self-propelled transportation is that its so healthy. You work your heart and muscles, and cut down on traffic congestion all at the same time.



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