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Somewhere out there. . .
e a part of the greatest achievement of the next
millennium or, possibly all millennia.


Most folks think there's probably intelligent life beyond earth, if not, more than likely beyond Wimberley. In any event, for those of us with an internet-connected computer, there's a way to help discover the first concrete communications from extra-terrestrials.

Join the hundreds of thousands of at-home computer users in more than 200 nations who are helping the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) group at the University of California at Berkeley.

They're using the world's largest radio telescope and a super computer at Arecibo, Puerto Rico to scan portions of the universe and analyze radio signals for signs of intelligent communications. The problem is, there's too much to analyze.

That's where ordinary home or office computers come in: working in parallel, they're the equivalent of a gigantic super computer. U.C. Berkeley sends us a batch of raw data, and our computers analyze it, acting as a screen-saver, off-line, when we don't need to use the computer. Loading the material to analyze is easy, and brief. The program is free and easy as well. It works great.

To learn more, and to sign up, contact
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You'll look forward to rejoining your computer mornings
to see what it's found...
who knows....
maybe you'll be the one to make
the ultimate connection with

- Lewis Smith -


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