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The Sky from Wimberley, Texas

Wimberley area skygazers, residents and visitors, are often lucky enough to have an unobstructed view of the wonders of the night sky. Away from the light pollution of the city, even a few minutes skywatching can be relaxing, restorative, and reawaken our sense of place in the universe. Welcome to The Wimberley Sky.

Sunday's total lunar eclipse.
A penumbral (red) eclipse begins before the moon rises at 7:15. The dark partial eclipse begins at 8:07, totality at 9:15, maximum at 9:47, partial eclipse ends at 11:27, and the penumbral eclipse ends at 12:22 AM. Alternate locations – your driveway. Click for more...



Wetlands off the Gulf Coast
Our Visible Earth  A huge resource with searchable database including images, animations and visualizations of our planet. Check out such items as smoke plumes over the Gulf states, carbon monoxide around the earth and hydrological changes.
Click for NASA-TV
NASA-TV! Live Data from NASA, a continuous webcast of the NASA-TV broadcast covering the agency activities and events. 

New York
in the Dark
Light Pollution is the website of the International Dark-Sky Association. The Resources link there is recommended. Help keep the Wimberley Sky beautiful!
Visit Earth and Sky Earth & Sky  Podcasts, articles, blogs, and home on the web for the popular Earth & Sky radio moments.

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