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From the University of Texas StarDateWhat to see in the Wimberley Sky this week - a weekly guide.   Click here for more from StarDate...  StarDate's previous daily radio programs are streamed by permission on the main page of (Look under Natural Wonders.)
Wimberley Heavens Above Wimberley - Print out a tracking map, astronomy , whole sky chart, current sun and moon data for today, planet data, solar system chart, constellations and more. This link takes you to the information for Wimberley. If that should ever be swallowed into cyberspace before we catch it, click here to go to the main page of
Click to visit Jack! - The first and only weekly television series on naked-eye astronomy. Loaded with information in entertaining brief segments.
News highlights News from NASA - News highlights including multi-media presentations.
Space Calendar Space Calendar  - Another super resource from NASA

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