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To Report a Spill or File a Pollution Complaint

Keeping water clean in central Texas

Immediate Notification is Vital...                  
              and Key to a Successful Investigation

Whom to Call What to Report


Village of Wimberley- 512-847-0025

TPWD - 512-389-4848
Kills and spills team 24-hour communication center
GBRA - 1-800-413-5822. 
Direct number is 830-379-5822 extension is 259. 
After hours call either number and dial extension 241 to get the 24 hour operator. 

Hays County - 512-353-4955
Hays County Environmental Health Department

State of Texas - 1-800-832-8224
Environmental Release Hotline or the Texas 
Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) 
Regional Office, Monday through Friday 8 to 5.

TCEQ -(24-Hours) - 512-239-2507 or 512-463-7727. 

Federal National Response Center (NRC) 1-800-424-8802
(Notification of the National Response Center does not constitute notice to the state). 

Wimberley Valley Watershed Association - 512-847-1582
David Baker - 512-785-8950 (Cell)
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When making a telephone report of a spill or pollution complaint, it will be helpful if the following information is available:

  • The date and time of the spill or release;
  • The identity or chemical name of material released or spilled as well as whether the substance is an extremely hazardous substance;
  • An estimate of the quantity of material released or spilled and the time or duration of the event;
  • The exact location of the spill, including the name of the waters involved or threatened, and/or other medium or media affected by the release or spill;
  • The source of the release or spill;
  • The name, address, and telephone number of the party in charge of, or responsible for, the facility, vessel, or activity associated with the release or spill;
  • The extent of actual and potential water pollution;
  • The party at the release or spill site, who is in charge of operations at the site;
  • The telephone number of this party;
  • The steps being taken or proposed to contain and clean up the released or spilled material and any precautions taken to minimize impacts including evacuation;
  • The extent of injuries, if any;
  • Any known or anticipated health risks associated with the incident and, where appropriate, advice regarding medical attention necessary for exposed individuals;
  • Possible hazards to the environment (air, soil, water, wildlife, etc.). This assessment may include references to accepted chemical databases, material safety data sheets, and health advisories;
  • Estimated or measured concentrations of a contaminant may be requested by the TCEQ for the state's hazard assessment; and, identity of governmental and/or private sector representatives responding on-scene. 

We urge you to become a member of WVWA and join our efforts as we try to ensure a clean and safe environment for future generations.


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