City Hall Briefs–What’s Going on in Wimberley Government

When my term as mayor expires on May 10, my plans are to no longer publish City Hall Briefs.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the people of Wimberley as a city council member and as mayor for eight years. I have been deeply honored and humbled by the trust and confidence you placed in me, to work for you and to be a part of the many exciting things going on in our little town at this point in its development. I believe that when one retires from a position such as that of mayor, he should really retire. That is my plan, so don’t look to me to comment on city politics or about what the council is or is not doing. I can tell you based on first-hand knowledge that every person that you have ever elected to serve on the council has worked hard to do what they thought was best for Wimberley. You are really lucky to have such dedicated, hard-working people working for you, and they need all of your support.

There are three people running for mayor and five for two council seats. Wimberley will be well-served by any combination of those eight dedicated volunteers.

I began publishing Briefs eight years ago because I believe that there is no such thing as too much communication. I will be the first to tell you that this medium has never been perfect, but it is one tool in our communication tool box. With email and the growth of the social media, future communication should be even better. I will not get involved in the campaign for mayor—I don’t think that it’s appropriate for a retiring officer to be involved in choosing his successor. All three of the mayoral candidates have indicated to me the desire to maintain some sort of public communication medium. Shannon duPlessis, candidate for Council Place 4 and a professional communicator, has indicated to me that if elected she plans to continue communicating with the public. It may be a different and a combination of social media, but it will be an additional source of information for the public.

Again, thank you for allowing me to serve you for the past eight years. Be sure to say, “Howdy,” when you see me around.

Warmest regards


Bob Flocke
Wimberley, Texas

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