31st Annual Hill Country Home Tour - 2018

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31st Annual WCCC Home Tour

Owners of six unique homes in Wimberley will open their doors Nov. 9th and 10th for the 31st Annual Hill Country Home Tour hosted by the Wimberley Community Civic Club (WCCC). The homes can be seen from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. each day of the tour.
Tickets for the home tour are $20 and may be purchased at  the Visitor's Center.
You can also  purchase your tickets on line by clicking here. The site accepts Discover, Visa, and MasterCard credit and debit cards.

Be sure to mark your calendars for this event and help the Civic Club raise money to give to the Wimberley community. Remember that while enjoying the tour you will be helping many community organizations. 

The Home Tour in the fall and Spring Event in the spring are the two fund-raising events the Civic Club sponsors to raise money for agencies and organizations in the community each year.

In May of 2018 the Civic Club gave $47,700 to 32 community organizations and $30,000 in scholarships to 14 graduating high school seniors. 
Founded in 1979, the Wimberley Community Civic Club is one of the oldest charitable organizations in the greater Wimberley area and includes a membership of nearly 200 individuals. 

The Civic Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose main purpose is to nurture community spirit through service and financial support.
To see homes on the 2017 tour and information about any of the Home Tours from the last 17 years, click here and select a year from the menu on the left side of the newly displayed page. 

Friday Nov 9th 10 am - 4 pm
Saturday Nov 10 th 10 am - 4 pm
14068 Ranch Road 12
Wimberley, TX 78676
Map to Wimberley Community Visitors Center

Cielito Lindo Beautiful Little Heaven

Cielito Lindo is a working cattle/horse ranch with 122.71 acres, consisting of seven large and three smaller pastures. It is home to a free ranging menagerie of creatures large and small.
  • 12 Heritage Texas Longhorns - genetically pure and directly related to the original Longhorns that came down the Goodnight - Loving and Chisolm Trails
  • 8 large horses: American Quarter Horses, Paint and Arabian
  • 2 Donkeys
  • 2 Goats, 'Sweet Pea' is Miss Personality
  • 5 Felines: two barn and three house (cats)
  • A miniature horse, 'Dove'
  • A miniature Jerusalem donkey, 'Junebug'
  • A large flock of assorted chickens

The owners strive to be good stewards of the land, the animals and to preserve Texas heritage. Originally part of the Calhoun Ranch - a historical marker is located at the intersection of Mt. Sharp and Longhorn Trail.
The original 1924 home (2,985 sf) consisted of a front room, 2 bedrooms, a linen cabinet, a bathroom, a dining nook and the kitchen. In 2005, it was gutted, remodeled and a sleeping porch was attached. In 2009 an addition was added, creating a 4,235 sf home. Note the wall thickness between the original and the newer portion of the home. Long-leaf pine floors were reclaimed from a historic home in Fredericksburg and installed. Wanting to emulate one of Mexico's outdoor cafes an outdoor kitchen was added in 2012. There is also a 425 sf casita and a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment for the ranch hand and his family.

Heavy Metal

Plopped down on the banks of the Blanco River sits a very urban/modern metal modular home. The house was brought in on a crane in 2 modules. It was damaged in the 2015 flood and subsequently gutted and left sitting for 3 years. The owners decided to sell to their neighbors in June of 2018. The current owners, homebuilders until their retirement, worked furiously to rehab the structure now used as their guesthouse. The interior of the home is a blend of modern and vintage. The outdoor space is nearly as functional as the interior space with outdoor dining, a kitchen as well as a shower. The house is full of windows with views to the river and beyond into the Serengeti like scene, which is a vast 5,000 acre ranch.

House of Love

This home is designated as the House of Love because it was a total loss in the flood and they want to give back to the community all the love that was shown to them during this horrific yet beautiful time in their life. They thought this purchase was their last and had added decks and tree houses and slides for their grandchildren. When the flood hit, they barely escaped and were blocked. When they finally got outside, the truck was floating down the river. A neighbor gave them one of their cars and they headed to the designated areas for flood victims thinking they would go home that evening to a mess but still a house.

Not so!

Hopefully you can take the time for the docents and owner to explain all the items in the house that were donated and the stories behind them. As an example, the side table at the front door was constructed by Mike Fowler using the wood from the door frames in the original house. The sofa, end table, dining table and guest furniture were donated. Paintings were given by local artists. The granddaughter's beds and the hall tree were given to them. They were given a home to live in for 18 months so they could complete this rebirth of their home on the river where many memories still live.

The Martin House

The owners designed and built this home . The home is ADA compliant with wide doorways and no steps or elevated transitions. The flooring is a wood look tile and runs through- out most of the home. The owners claim to be minimalists and it has clean lines and architectural ceiling dimension. The home is a hill country contemporary and is 2184 sq ft. The master bedroom can be closed off from the rest of the home for privacy and there is laundry chute designed into the wall between the master and the laundry room. There is a Salvador Dali signed print in the dining area and in the hallway are pictures of his great uncle, Charles Lindbergh, with President Calvin Coolidge. The deck is partially covered and the view is picturesque. The trees drape the view of the cross and steeple in the distance. They like to watch the wildlife and martins in the evenings. The owner besides being a builder has done graphic design and a freelance illustrator. Both he and his wife were in advertising and she is a jazz singer.

Mellow Modern

Serene, earthy with a touch of sophistication describes the white cinder block house at the far end of Flite Acres Road. The cinder block was built in 1964 by Ja Wahrmund, the developer of Flite Acres East. The current owners appreciate Ja Warmund's simple but livable house design as well as the selection of the lot the house sits on. The location on the Blanco River is quiet with views both directions that are stunning and unique. It feels like country but is only minutes from downtown Wimberley. The owners have learned, through old photographs, that the property today, after the flood of 2015, looks more like it did in the 60s, when the house was built. Old photographs reveal open space much like today with small cypress trees just beginning to grow. The design, remodeling, and furnishing of the house was done by Michaux Thomas of Michaux Inc. She is a designer and friend that has worked with the current owners on 3 other homes over the years. The interior color scheme was chosen to reflect and connect with the nature seen from every room in the house.

Pecan bark and light greens of the river create a restful and con- templative space emphasizing the light and airy feel. The consistent color scheme throughout lends to the serene, simple yet sophisticated space. The house was purchased 8 years ago and was originally updated to be a weekend home, removing fake brick linoleum flooring from the 70s, dark paneled walls to reveal the cinder block beneath and orange shag carpet. Following the 2015 flood the homeowners decided to make the house a full time residence and remodeled with new cabinetry, finishes, electrical and plumbing fixtures, appliances and unique furnishings, rugs and art.

The Modern Farmhouse

The owner built this home for his wife of 46 years and this is his 8th build. It sits on 1.257 acres and is 2359 SF. The garage and the shop match the house with its white paint and metal roof. It perfectly marries the farmhouse look on the outside and modern on the in- side.
Instead of a mudroom, this owner created a sewing room off the side entry. The lines and colors are simple and tasteful. The cabinets and doors have the shaker look. The pine doors are 8' tall in the main area of the home.
The living/dining/kitchen is one open room with a 30' soaring ceiling with stained pine shiplap and this theme follows onto the porch ceiling which is white pine. The front veranda welcomes you with sitting areas and beautiful landscaping. A maypole graces the area between the garage and porch.
The master shower takes up a whole corner and a claw foot tub graces the middle of the room. Grandparents and grandchildren memories adorn the walls with cherished memorabilia from the past and present.

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