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Fossils from the Glen Rose Formation

are displayed within the Nature Center. JWNA strives to educate and inform everyone interested in the natural world. The Nature Center has displays which include fossils of the Glen Rose Formation.They are of marine plants and animals that all lived in a shallow sea that covered this part of Texas during the
Lower Cretaceous Period: approximately 110 million years ago.

Groundwater Flow - Karst Aquifer Simulator

The simulator demonstrates groundwater flow in both unconfined and confined sand and gravel aquifers overlying cavernous limestone and fractured-bedrock aquifers. This simulator is particularly useful in visualizing how the groundwater flows and and interacts in our area which contains caves, sinkholes, fractured non-porous bedrock. It is one of several models that are available for viewing at the Nature Center.

Displays and Posters

...depicting various aspects of this natural area are displayed throughout the nature center.

Free Lectures and Guided Tours

You are invited to join the Hays County Master Naturalists for a Free guided morning tour starting at 9:00 A.M. Saturdays.
Tours are approximately 1 hour in duration and are offered the second and fourth Saturday of every month (October through April). Located at 1699 Mt. Sharp Road, Wimberley, 78676 within the Jacob's Well Natural Area. Tours will depart from the Jacob's Well Nature Center at 9AM. Please arrive by 8:50AM.

You MUST sign-up ahead of time in order to attend. Tours are led by Master Naturalist volunteers from our local Hays County Chapter who have a passionate focus on the aquifer that sustains Jacob's Well, a natural artesian spring. The guides will speak in-depth about the history of the Well and the several species of wildlife that thrive in the surrounding habitat.

To sign-up for a guided tour please email katherine.sturdivant@co.hays.tx.us or call (512)-214-4593. Please reach out to us at least 1 week in advance for small tours and 2-3 weeks in advance for large groups and special topic tours. Tours will be held rain or shine but call ahead at (512)-214-4593. if there is a chance of any severe or threatening weather conditions which might cause a cancellation.

Guided morning tours last approximately 1 hour and will lead you on various compacted granite and natural surface trails. The tour is family-friendly and all ages are welcome.

Please bring your own water, sun screen, sturdy walking shoes, binoculars (optional)and proper attire depending on the weather .

A great follow up after taking the guided tour are the videos which can be viewed in the Nature Center.

Shown:  the 'class room' and the Watershed Education Kiosk.

Discover all that JWNA has to offer

Jacob's Well Natural Area is a Day Use Facility and open year long. The swimming season runs May 1st through October 1st
Reservations are required, click here.


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Trails for all to enjoy

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JWNA News and Information

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Things to Do in the area

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The Fatal Allure of Jacob's Well

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